IPTV is The Real Deal – What to know in Canada?

iptv in canada


What can i say about IPTV in Canada? Well not a whole lot cause there aint to many companies out there right now offering that service. I personally went through the serps and from what I could see… there is not to much to offer.

What can One Expect from IPTV Canada?

Well if you do sign up for a subscription of IPTV in Canada, then you can be rest assured you will be much happier then paying your normal cable bill. The main reason behind this is there price. The price of IPTV in Canada is remarkably cheap. Yeah thats right, I said CHEAP. Well, how cheap are we talking? Were talking only 14 – 20 dollars CDN a month. Cant go wrong with that right?

I have spent so much with my current cable provider that it turns my stomach every month when I pay the 200 dollar cable bill. I friend of mine not long ago told me about getting IPTV. I really didn’t know what it was and was a little skeptical to be honest. But I had figured I should try it out anyway. Long story short, it was the best thing that I ever did in regards to my cable subscription and what I had to pay.

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When I first got IPTV subscription in Canada  I was blown away with the 4600 HD channels I was getting. Were talking channels like HBO, PeachTree, WSBK, Pay per view channels and more. Dont want to pay the PPV cost for a UFC fight, then don’t worry. You won’t have to with an IPTV subscription. From here on out you wont have to pay hardly anything for your entertainment needs. I’m not sure how long this is going to last for, but one thing I do know. I love it and I will keep it for as long as I can imagine.

So if your sitting on the fence about this and you are unsure. Don’t even second guess it. Its only a few dollars a month and you will see within minutes how good it really is. I’m going to be honest, I don’t think you will have go back to paying large companies like Rogers, Bell, and Eastlink again. You’ll be kicking those guys to the curb so fast, it aint even funny.

So with that said, I hope you can make an educated decision on what you should do. And I really hope you kick those guys to the curb like I did. They have been ripping us off for far to long.

Thanks for reading my blog post and please enjoy your day.


Freddie Rhodes